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Martha, Fri, 27 Oct 2006 at 12:26
Ransom cash went unfetched
By Sandra Lieberum, Special Correspondent
JOHANNESBURG – On three occasions the money demanded for the safe release of kidnapped Airports Company of SA employee Hendrik Jacobus Adams was delivered to designated drop-off points.
But no one came to pick it up, and on the third occasion the missing man’s brother, Petrus Adams, was told to take the money away again.
The brother was later telephonically “sworn at”, and accused of “being a policeman”.
This was evidence yesterday by investigating officer Captain Mike van Aardt in the Johannesburg “client” murder trial of two alleged male prostitutes.
Accused Anthony Chinedu, 34, of Hillbrow and Victor Judge, 30, of Sunnyside, Pretoria, have denied being sex workers.
Last week they denied charges of murder, kidnapping, aggravated robbery, and attempting to extort R57 000 from the hostage’s brother and a family friend, “Soekie” Claasens.
“It was unlikely that a client would run up a debt of R57 000 for sexual services”, self-confessed former “pimp” Christiaan Crowthen told the court.
“Debts of that nature were usually for drugs.”
But as far as he knew Hendrik Adams used only the non-prohibited aphrodisiac “amyl nitrate”, known as “poppers”.
This was a liquid costing R25 for a small bottle.
Hendrik Adams, known as “Orchid”, went missing from his Pretoria home on July 1, 2005.
Testimony by Van Aardt was that he took over the case from the Pretoria police on July 4, 2005 as the missing man was being held in the Johannesburg area.
Arrangements were made for the money to be dropped off in Braamfontein on the evening of July 4.
The police task force were in position but no one arrived to fetch the money, said Van Aardt.
The trial continues before Judge Lucy Mailula and assessors.


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