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Adult shop owner sold sex aid liquid as DVD cleaner, court told
FORGET steamy sex in the city staid old Tewantin is a hot spot for alleged heightened carnal pleasures.
Or it was until Queensland Health decided to bust the Sensual Pleasures adult shop on August 30 last year for selling amyl nitrate that was an in-vogue party drug of the 1980s.
Shop owner Ian Boyce Dowell, 58, yesterday pleaded guilty in the Noosa Magistrates Court for selling a substance said to enhance sexual climax under the rather unraunchy label of DVD cleaner.
The case proved to be somewhat of a sexual eye-opener to Magistrate Bernadette Callaghan who said she had never heard of the drug before.
Mr Dowellˇ¦s legal counsel David James said the drug was also known as Rush and was popular in the gay scene back in the 1980s.
The court heard that Mr Dowell ordered stock of the amyl nitrate from a Tweed Heads supplier after learning that it was on sale at another Noosa adult shop.
A Queensland Health officer visited Mr Dowellˇ¦s store last year posing as a customer and found the DVD cleaner kept in the fridge.
The sales assistant told the officer that Mr Dowell had been "high as a kite" after inhaling some of the contents of container which had a loose lid. The assistant also said she suffered a headache after exposure to the contents.
Ms Callaghan seemed bemused by a DVD cleaner brochure featuring one product listed as "Blue Lash heavy duty". "What a job I have" Ms Callaghan said.
Noel Cowell of Queensland Health said this was not just a case of supplying an illegal substance and insisted the shop owner had an obligation to ensure the welfare of customers.
He said the 10mls of amyl nitrate had the potential to be fatal for adults and children.
Mr James said this was a simple offence and he criticised Queensland Health for prosecuting his client before completing an investigation against the supplier.
Mr Dowell, who was placed on a $500 six-month good behaviour bond without a conviction being recorded, said he had been

., Wed, 2 Aug 2006 at 09:23
had been unaware of the illegal nature of the product.
ˇ§I sold it as a DVD cleaner ˇV I didnˇ¦t know anything other than that,ˇ¨ Mr Dowell said.
Another five amyl nitrate containers were confiscated and Mr Dowell said he had no intention of ordering any more.


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