Paul Daniels & Big Brother

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Topic created by Farmer Giles
on Mon, 5 Jun 2006 at 15:40


Farmer Giles, Mon, 5 Jun 2006 at 15:40
Interesting that Paul Daniels should speak out against reality TV shows like Big Brother. Consider this............
More outrage on The Farm
Paul Daniels' wife Debbie McGee has caused fresh controversy on The Farm by washing a horse's penis.
It follows a deluge of complaints after Five's reality TV show featured Rebecca Loos masturbate a pig.
Debbie, 45, was shown using a sponge to wash the foreskin of a gelding called Rob, reports The Sun.
Wearing a hard hat and gloves, she spent a minute rubbing its penis, closing her eyes and gritting her teeth.
Debbie also injected a sow with the semen that Rebecca collected, while Vanilla Ice scrubbed a second horse's private parts.
The RSPCA was horrified by the horse scene and called for a mass boycott of the show by viewers.
A spokesman said: "This is the latest outrage. For an unskilled person to carry out this technique is risky and could harm the animal. It must be done properly.
"We are making an official complaint to Ofcom because there are so many gratuitous scenes on The Farm.
"First we had one of the contestants sticking his arm up a cow's vagina. Then there was the incident with the pig and now this."

Anonymous, Mon, 5 Jun 2006 at 18:54
Who can blame her? "Not a lot"

Terry TankTop, Tue, 6 Jun 2006 at 08:31

There was a midget that used to drink in the Black Cap in Camden...I think he worked in a circus or something. They said he was hung like an of "3 Legs"

Farmer Giles, Wed, 7 Jun 2006 at 08:57

Hung like Ann Donkey?


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