Poppers FIRE at Heaven!!!!!

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Topic created by Danger Mouse
on Sun, 4 Jun 2006 at 09:39


Danger Mouse, Sun, 4 Jun 2006 at 09:39
In a freak set of frankly vaguely plausible events, a man 'accidentally' set fire to his ex-boyfriend last night on the Heaven dancefloor.
According to a report submitted to Damaged by Old Man With Dodgy Hip, he was on the dancefloor when their shared poppers somehow got onto the victims hand... and caught fire. Alas, we can somehow believe it having done similar on the dancefloor of Club X in Glasgow in 1996 - tho I was using crouches at the time.
Full report below, starting with a sl*t hut review...
Once a month on a Wednesday they have a party night at Locker Room. Its sort
of invite only and / or you pay £7 to get in. Locker Room is a small but exclusive sauna at 8 Cleaver St in Kennington. The party starts at 6pm, so its very suitable for after work. I got there at 6.30 and it was all ready busy - lots of fit sexy boys doing bad things in the communal play room. I had a date with David and had to leave at 8.30, it was very busy by then. They had run out of locker space and were storing clothes in the tanning booth in plastic bags.
So, off to meet David at Half way to Heaven where we were entertained by the one and only Charlie. (Barman, not disco powder). We also picked up Chris.
David and I took him down to FM at Heaven for a night of “House, R&B and Pop”. David terrorized the passers by with his outrageously loud behaviour as we walked down Villiers Street. Heaven was rammed and we spent a lot of time in the departure lounge which was overrun with arty types from the NFT Gay and Lesbian film fest. Hello Lev, Paul, Charles.
David eventually dragged me and Chris on to the main dance floor. We were well oiled and decided to test the flammability of poppers. If you hold the bottle open and steady you can get a very small blue flame at the top. The
trouble is that if you splash then you dash.
David dropped the flaming popper’s bottle on to the floor. It was a magnificent orange pyre coming to knee height. David bravely tried to stamp it out

Danger Mouse, Sun, 4 Jun 2006 at 09:41
contd....but his foot caught fire. I patted his foot to extinguish it and have now got huge blisters on my fingers. David, with flaming foot, was then pounced on by bouncers and marched out. I hid among the dancers. The flames died swiftly. David always gets thrown out of Heaven. He surmises that the staff have a competition to see who can eject him first.
I lost Chris as I was leaving :-( What happened to you love?

Hooj Choons, Sun, 4 Jun 2006 at 13:37
"you can get a very small blue flame at the top."
WHAT A TOTAL W*****ER! Poppers are like mini molotov cocktails! VERY very dangerous near a flame! I am surprised he was not arrested. Tosser!

Anonymous, Wed, 7 Jun 2006 at 09:00
that guy should be kept out - what idiot would set fire to a bottle of poppers? IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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