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Topic created by Martha
on Fri, 2 Jun 2006 at 22:15


Martha, Fri, 2 Jun 2006 at 22:15
LOL! Love the look on his face! 91.6%!! There is a God....trebles all round.

Yurtseven, Sat, 3 Jun 2006 at 08:06
Sezer Yurtseven
1999 Fast Options trainee stockbroker
2000 Obsideo Ltd Head stockbroker
2002 Obsideo Ltd Appointed partner and director.
2005 Inscheider Ltd Partner Stockbroker.
2004 Cezer Trading Ltd Director Commodities trading
2006 Anello Trading Ltd Director commodities trading
2004 Seven International Property Ltd Director
Being from Cyprus my love for the island is unconditional. Wanting to move my customer service and sales expertise into property the natural place to launch was Cyprus. After extensive research it became apparent that there was huge foreign and political interest and investment potential. However, there was an evident neglect of quality in both build and service amongst many developers who seemed to be only interested in bottom line profits. What we endeavour to provide is the highest of product added value at no extra cost to the customer. Our personal approach to pre and aftersales service is one which is without equal. qualtiy of build and after care.
There is also a simply lovely picture of him in a suit (looks like he's in a waiting room of some kind!)

Sezer the Tweezer, Mon, 5 Jun 2006 at 09:05
As he undressed me he kissed my body all over. He dragged me onto the bed and we kissed passionately for what seemed like ages. I was really turned on - until he undressed and I saw the size of his manhood.
"It was tiny, just four inches long when at its biggest. I couldn't believe he called himself Sezer the Geezer on Big Brother. What a joke. He's more like Sezer the Tweezer.
From Yesterday's Sunday People


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