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This page is here for your amusement only. It is a computer translation of a Japanese page about Rush poppers.

The real, human-produced and gramatical (I hope!) information about Rush is here:



Rush Poppers Org|asm! Rush is the poppers of the world, the brand which spreads. And our so many use Rush all weekend and there is good reason: That gives the joy so much in us!

Rush is called Rush Liquid Incense officially. You can do Pac West Distributing and Inc. (PWD) without, the world most it spread "aroma popper".

There is this web site completely concerning Rush. You thought that I answer to the common question which is asked by the people concerning this splendid liquid; I would like to enter to the contact with the people who use Rush. As for me, the fact that Rush Poppers Org|asm! it enjoys is desired!

-- Jake

Rush Poppers and sex? Proper!

Rush can point to sex largely. Rush gives better orgasm. Actually, as for this small bottle of poppers, the difference many people never do without that. This does not mean the fact that poppers is habit characteristic, - it is not. Isobutyl sub- nitrate, with special poppers rush of the body, the chemical which goes out directly and gives.

Isobutyl sub- nitrate? Isn't that amyl?

Amyl nitrate you do not have to confuse with Isobutyl sub- nitrate, and sub- nitrate should not be confused nitrate generally. Amyl nitrate is the stipulated medicine. Poppers of Rush to include isobutyl sub- nitrate, therefore it can utilize freely. Rush Poppers from the English police / there is a useful page of sub- nitrate here. It is, sub- nitrate is legal.

Oh... I express sex and Rush and I am high.

"Rush Poppers it is to extend to be good, sex spectacular is commonplace, characteristic it is possible to be good and to be able to point. I "of substituting the thing which is I, who have sex" become sex itself, can overwhelm experience."

I was not this, already one people were that, but when -- I take Rush, as for that those which happen exactly are in me.

The first effect of Rush, or poppers of quality is entire relaxation of the muscle of your body. But vasodilation, or relaxation of the blood vessel is pulled up too with poppers.

Because of this, the feeling which is splendid, is warm is pulled up, the oxygen bearing blood is made to hurry to your brain. As for this special it gives "rush."

Abrupt increase of affirmative feeling is caused with the increase of oxygen. This raises your yearning, decreases obstruction, and purity, encourages animal-like sex. But there are many.

Rush Poppers in order for those to continue longer, makes the feeling orgasms. And genitals is large, the people of some person it means that sea urchin that feels.

Homosexual love? Profit do your Rush for weekend!

The people of some person you think Rush, but in order for the person of many homosexual loves to use Rush because of sex, it is not the medicine of the homosexual love. For the homosexual person, Rush works in regard to heterosexuals exactly. But because poppers of quality relaxation of all body muscles helps anus sex, including the sphincter, it becomes easier.

Is Captain Rush who?

Rush it is to extend good thing it meets, when to come --, it verifies, being to be in Captain Rush. Captain Rush is the character of the cartoon which PWD draws up and all real things of Rush Poppers to extend there is he. So if it was not there, the false bottle was obtained.

There is this always in genuine poppers of Rush:
Captain Rush

So, are you possible to buy genuine poppers of Rush?

Internet? I buy from Power Poppers. Rush the bottle they sell of $7.95, give the discount for large order. As for me as the worried person of Dan's customer... almost it is in love ;-) Aroma of Love Rush is the online store whose another reputation which sells is good, (and other thing). and it is, but (only those think in the American customer, me, you do not have to sell).

Because I do not think trouble, that I want, I have known the false dealers of fake Rush, excessively, but those are not expressed here.


You think my English is funny?

No, I wasn't on Rush when I was writing this... It's not me, it's the computer! This page exists for your amusement only. It's a machine-generated translation of a Japanese page about Rush poppers.

The real, human-produced and (hopefully) gramatical document about Rush poppers is here. Enjoy! ;-)|asm! is not in any way associated with PWD,
the makers of the original Rush Liquid Incense.

(But I sure love their product!)
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